Day 2: Gratitude for yourself.

This is the little known secret to a life of happy laundering: there are no whiter whites or brighter colours, no matter what kind of soap you’re swallowing. What’s more, when we release ourselves from judgment and inadequacy, we free everyone else from criticism and blame.
-Karen Maezen Miller.

Today’s assignment:

In your gratitude entries where you are already writing three things that you are grateful for about your day, include ONE thing you are grateful for about yourself and why.

Anything that you did in your day that you are grateful for.

Take for instance this entry “ I am grateful that I was able to focus on my daughters beautiful face, her excitement to see me and play with me, in spite of a crazed day at work.  I am grateful for because it shows to me how much I love her and also that I have the ability to leave work at work  and stay present with my little one.

This is key to releasing the sense of inadequacy and finding love, for yourself and those around you.