Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.
― Eckhart Tolle

Day 3: Gratitude in difficult times.

This is the most powerful of gratitude exercises. When we look back at our difficult times we can most certainly find an important lesson in it. A lesson that helped us grow, change and become who we are today.

However, in difficult times we forget to count our blessings. Two years ago, when I began my gratitude practice, all was well and dandy. However, as life goes, I got into a very difficult patch. It was only because I continued my gratitude practice through this difficult time that I knew every day that I could wake up, take care of my daughter, go to work and come back with minimal support from others during this time. It was hard, it broke my heart and I cried every day during this hard time. But I also knew I had the courage to stand against the storm and be gentle with my daughter and my family because I was feverishly writing about what I was grateful for every single day.

That is the power of gratitude. When you can write three things that you are grateful for even during dark and difficult times you will know about the strengths you never had. You will also become aware of the reality of your situation. That there are both bad and good things about every damn day / person/ situation in our life.

Think about it and continue with your journaling this week.