Change does not bother us when it is in everyday things, then why do we get so shocked when people echo the same rhythm? – “You have changed”….. Why is it so hard for people to accept it?. Isn’t change human? When a tree grows bigger or a stream changes its pace of flow, we are not perturbed by it. Then why does it become
a matter of concern when a person changes?

We are bound to change, to evolve. The crude rudimentary fragments of us have to undergo varied pressure to be polished and become a whole. The pressure could come in from any source- our work, family, friends, peers….We need to often times face realities and accept them to change.

Change is not easy, it is perhaps the most difficult thing to do, but change is inevitable. The first step to maintain a good mental hygiene and health is to accept that we are humans caught up in tricks of the world and are bound to change and adapt to facilitate growth and mostly good mental well- being. Our quality of life depends on our healthy state of mind, a mind that is open to change. As the saying goes that “once the storm is over, one won’t be the same person who walked in it”, similarly once the person bears all the hardships and changes for the better, he won’t be the same person as before. He will be wiser and more worthy of being called a human.

This article was written by our Intern Ritika Matta