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Batul (She/her)

Batul is a counselling psychologist and consultant at Pause for Perspective. She has completed her Masters in Counselling Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore, and has experience of taking 300+ therapy sessions with a diverse set of individuals.

In therapy, she believes that the client knows the best about their lives and she is an informed facilitator of change and support. She approaches therapy with curiosity and has a lot of respect for the lives individuals have lived.

In sessions, you will find her working together with the client as a team to support them in the best possible way.

She specializes in working with grief, anxiety, relationship concerns and trauma-focused work. Therapy is like a book that you write, one chapter at a time. Each session offers an opportunity to delve deeper into your story, adding new chapters of growth and self-awareness.

Her approach is eclectic in nature, majorly guided by works of Person-Centred, Gestalt and Narrative therapy. She is interested in the intersection of nature based approaches and traditional therapy practices. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to ask her; She loves talking about them 🙂

In her free time, she enjoys going on treks, trying out new cake recipes and hosting a games night at her place.


MSc. Counselling Psychology, Christ University (Bangalore)

BSc. Psychology (Honors), Christ University (Bangalore)

South Asian Diploma in Narrative Practices, Narrative Practices India (Ongoing)

Certificate of Competency in Adventure Therapy, Adventure Works Australia (Ongoing)

Basics of Adventure Therapy, Adventure Works Australia

Basics of Interpersonal Violence, Christ University REBT (Basics and Advanced course), Dr. Debbie Ellis

Relational Process in Psychotherapy, Christ University

Developed and facilitated 30+ peer support sessions

Languages: Hindi, English, Gujarati

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