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Sammy Sahni Sammy is an Expressive Arts Therapy practitioner and therapist at Pause.

Her practice integrates expressive and creative arts modalities with Narrative practices and embodied Mindfulness with a trauma-sensitive, queer, and neurodiverse affirming using a social justice-based lens.
With a deep understanding of the transformative power of creativity and self-expression, she uses a diverse range of artistic modalities including arts, drama, movement, and dreams, in her therapeutic work to guide clients toward self-discovery, personal growth, and emotional well-being.

She strongly believes in a human-centered approach and the innate capacity of every individual to tap into their inner wisdom and healing potential through the creative process and their resilience.

She has worked extensively with diverse populations – with Greenpeace India to support domestic workers during the pandemic, with students from private and Government schools in managing common mental health conditions with children and families of religious minorities, neurodiversity,
physical disability/ability, gender, and sexual diversity. She has also worked closely with queer and trans folks to hold space for their lived experience and create art-based interventions to support
them in their mental health struggles.

She seeks to work deeper and more closely with somatic and embodied healing practices for
women, neurodivergent and queer folks in individual and group settings. Her practice is shaped by her training and her own lived experiences. Outside of work, she loves to pursue her love of writing poetry, reading books, embroidery, eclectic
music, and dynamic forms of dance and movement.


  • Foundation course in Expressive & Creative Arts Therapies, Studio for movement, arts and therapies, Bengaluru
  • Societal Structures and mental health workshop by Blue Dawn
  • Externalising Conversations Map of Narrative Practices by Narrative Practices India
  • Wisdom of trauma / Compassionate Inquiry, Online retreat by Gabor Mate
  • Masters in Psychology (IGNOU) – currently pursuing
  • Fellowship Program for Mental health advocacy & Leadership for individuals, children, and their families (FMHALICF) at Pause for Perspective
  • Mindfulness-Based Symptom Management – MBSM
  • Couples training
  • Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice
  • Narrative Practices training
  • Integrative Mindfulness-based Practices Training Program
  • Neurodiversity and Neurodivergence Training
  • Community work at TFI schools and Queer Trans Centre
  • Expressive Body: Through Wounding, Trauma, Healing, and Well-being – EXA program for trained professionals (currently pursuing); Studio for movement, arts and therapies,Bengaluru

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