Namrata Ajmani (She/her)

Namrata Ajmani (She/her)

Namrata Ajmani (She/her) is a trauma-informed psychologist and a fellow at Pause For Perspective. She continues to educate herself about the various ways trauma impacts an individual. She values kindness more than anything else. Namrata intends to create a safe, accepting and compassionate ecosystem for all. She adopts a person-centered approach in her work with clients. She believes that the client is the expert of their life and they have it in them to navigate through the difficulties they face. Being a person who is moved by works of art, she tends to bring up books, movies, shows and music references in therapy sessions. In therapy, she attempts to identify the client’s interests, strengths and recognize what makes them feel safe. She hopes to acknowledge the social nuances that impact the individual and intends to make them feel heard and seen. Being a trauma-informed therapist, she actively includes safety building exercises and body work in her sessions. 


B.A. (Hons.) Psychology from Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi.

M.A. (Applied) Psychology, with a specialization in clinical psychology, from Jamia Millia Islamia University.

Certificate course in Trauma-Informed Care Practices. Certificate course in child and adolescent mental health.

Experienced in facilitating online support groups and working with young adult population.

Interests: Reading fiction, appreciating empathy and compassion reflected in shows and books, listening to music, making a good cup of chai. 

Goal: Her goal is to create a compassionate space where people can feel safe to unapologetically be themselves and be kind to themselves.

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