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Shrina Pabari (she/her)

Shrina is a Consultant Therapist at Pause for Perspective.

Blooming from a space of support herself, Shrina believes to fortunately hold the privilege of experiencing exactly how essential it is to one’s healthy functioning. To be able to provide to the community at large- a secure and supportive space, has been one of her driving forces to becoming a Professional in the field of Mental Health. While everyone persistently strides to elevate mental health awareness, Shrina’s goal is to go a step forward and bring about a systemic acceptance and effort towards actively seeking therapeutic support;majorly through making it more accessible, financially. No lunches are free, but they can surely be affordable!

She has had experience in working with adolescents, teenagers and young adults through her time with various N.G.O.’s across Mumbai and as a Research Assistant at Bookwallah Organisation. Shrina’s prior and continued experiences contribute to her willingness to collaborate with more varied age groups. It marks an epiphany of how every individual experience since the inception, knitted together, makes humans as resilient as they grow up to be.

As for Shrina, there is no one way to therapy. It has to be collaboratively tailormade; considering the client’s beliefs, difficulties, expectations, and experiences for their holistic growth. Hence, she believes that an eclectic approach facilitates an easy flow to the process.

The focus is to inculcate empathy, mindfulness practices, anxiety & stress management and alleviating difficulties within interpersonal relationships.

Shrina also believes that behind every step taken towards the wellbeing of a client, is a collaborative effort and a healthy client- therapist alliance that works as a spine!

Simultaneously, she works towards her wellbeing by engaging with people and passions- dancing, reading &


Bachelors of Arts (Psychology) – Nagindas Khandwala College, Mumbai (2020).
Masters of Arts (Counseling Psychology) – M.N.W. College, S.N.D.T. University, Mumbai (2022).
Theories of Career Counseling – Athabasca University, Canada (2021).

Certificate & Diploma in Child Care & Child Development- Nagindas Khandwala College, Mumbai.
Universal Mental Health First Aid Trainer- Celebrating Life Welfare Trust, Mumbai.
Personal Safety Education Trainer- Arpan Organisation, Mumbai.
Certificate in Families & Mental Health- L.T.M. Medical College & One Future Collective, Mumbai.

English, Hindi, and Gujarati.

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