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Nida Mir is a Counseling Psychologist at Pause for Perspective with a Masters in Applied Psychology and has been working in the field for the past two years.

Her experience boasts a healthy balance between the understanding of Science and Art. She has attended workshops on Transactional Analysis, REBT, Alternative Therapy, MBTI, Drug abuse and treatments involved, Protein Purification and Nanotechnology, which elevated her skillfulness.

She has interned at the Rehab, Hope Trust and Care hospitals. Previously, she has worked with Amazon, an experience that led her to interact with people.

She has also volunteered at M.S. Foundation For Women, as an expression of support towards female empowerment. In addition, she has taught at a school for underprivileged children, pro bono and worked with Shaheens women’s welfare.

She has also worked with different groups such as organizations, women’s group, hospitals and colleges. She is also the local expert at WSR (women in STEM roadshow) Hyderabad.

She has worked with clients for anxiety, relationship issues, addiction and depression. Her field of study extends to using a holistic and integrative approach. Mindfulness is a major part of the practice involved.

She brings into therapy her sensitivity towards emotions of others and developing a connection with the client. She tempers the process with intuition, compassion, kindness, acceptance combined with an empathetic attitude and her forever evolving, open-minded approach to understanding and healing the human mind. She works with a combination of modalities that is individual based and considers therapy to be a journey for both the client and herself.

As an artist, she believes self-expression is cathartic. The use of painting and other forms of creativity can be used as a medium to accept our emotions and ourselves.

“To heal is to accept and allow and to touch with kindness that which we touched with fear “

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