Label-Jars-buttonpicAccording to the Independent in 2011, India recorded the highest rate of major depression in the world at 36%. 1 in 10 Indians are depressed. What does that mean?

It means that we might all know someone who is depressed, a friend or a family member.

Mental health concerns are something most of the population suffers from at some point of time in their lives. However, here are the Questions.

Why do we not talk about it?  Why is visiting a mental health professional considered taboo?

Depression is one of the many disorders that occur. There are others as well. The ones that effect the children and also those that effect the children and adults alike.

Read about Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia Disorder.

My teacher in my twelfth Grade told me I did not need a therapist when she knew I visited the Counselor in School. A dear friend stopped talking completely when I mentioned to him that he needs a therapist.

That is not the end of it. I have umpteen numbers of stories to share.

Movies once in awhile have thrown light on the state of affairs and have been successful in bringing awareness in the public about disorders. However, it takes more than that.

We need to open our hearts and minds to the people suffering from a mental illness.

Here are a few things we can do:

  1. Read about mental health and illnesses
  2. Talk to your friends, colleagues and family members and spread awareness
  3. Be supportive of someone who is ill.
  4. Encourage them to seek help
  5. Let them know you are with them.
  6. Take care of yourself to help them.

The Mental Health Week’s theme, this year was ACT-Belong-Commit.

The message is clear let’s act, belong and commit to spreading awareness about mental health and promote well being.

NOTE: This is a Guest Post by our inhouse Psychology Intern