Mindfulness @ IIT Hyderabad

Mindfulness Based Art (Creative Journaling) at Glendale Academy

Slowdown Sundays


Mindful Living Workshop

Creative Journaling with Children

Contemplative Writing

I have also lead workshops and introductory sessions  in different institutions and companies on Mindfulness and other Psychological issues (Maternal health, Stress management, etc). Some of the Companies and Institutions where I have presented are:

1. Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

2. Pega Systems, Hyderabad

3. Bank of America, Hyderabad

4. Google, Hyderabad

5. HSBC, Hyderabad

6.  International Stress Management Association, Hyderabad

7. Glendale Academy, Hyderabad

8. IAS Brains, Hyderabad

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