Outer Mind Awareness: The first five audio clips of module three pertain to your outer mind awareness. Outer Mind Awareness is the ability to perceive beyond our immediate surroundings and beyond the limitations of time. Our outer mind can be infinitely expanded to cover the entire planet and perceive things that are very far away. This ability has been forgotten due to disuse and due to preoccupation with our physical sensory perceptions and preoccupation with our thoughts. You need to first step out of your head and then step out of your body to reopen this ability. It is there and it is normal and not something special or extraordinary, you only need to unlearn the belief that your physical sense perceptions are the only ones you are endowed with.

The first audio seeks to demonstrate to you that you do already have outer mind awareness and show you to what extant this awareness is being used by you. Thereafter you will go through exercises designed to awaken your outer mind awareness until you are able to expand and feel the predominant emotions the entire humanity is feeling and perceive the global trend towards which the entire humanity is moving forward. This is an astonishing realisation and gives you a sense of hope and connection with the rest of mankind. The fifth audio will give you practical tips on how to use and practice with the use of this ability in your routine daily life with your work and relationships.

Emotional Feelings Awareness: The next ten audios take you through the most powerful, impactful and potentially transformational part of this course, namely Emotional Awareness or awareness of your emotional body. This is again split into two parts, the first one comprising of five audios covering Emotional Feelings Awareness and the next five covering Emotional Empathy Awareness.

Emotions are not thoughts in your mind and you do not feel your emotions in your brain or mind. There is virtually no emotional awareness education available to us, neither formal nor informal, during our early development. If you are an intellectual person like me, you might find everything in this part of the course strange and new and even scary. You need to have trust and determination to go through this journey with an open mind and you will be able to derive unimagined rewards by way of an enriching and joyous life. Your emotions impact your effectiveness and productivity at work too. This explains why great leaders or great coaches are able to inspire and motivate their teams to extraordinary output by merely working on the emotional level.

We try to hide or suppress our emotions but they never go away. For example we want to control our anger or not display anger even when we feel it for fear of ruining relationships. When we are sad or depressed we put up a smiling face because we have learnt that we should never present a droopy face to others. Similarly we are masters in hiding our shame and guilt. We also learn not to worry as it causes stress and to be courageous and never fear or let fear pull you down. We struggle with all these emotions throughout our lives and go through roller-coaster experiences with our relationships both personal and professional. WE can release ourselves from all these by diving deep within and seeking to have an emotional awareness rather than patchwork solutions while staying stuck in our heads and fearing to step into our hearts.

You will learn that all your emotions exist in the form of energy vibrations in your energy body all the time. External events are only secondary causes to trigger any particular emotional feeling and bring up that energy vibration to the forefront of consciousness. The primary cause is within you and you can find it and release it or heal it. I like to compare the emotional energies to the radio frequencies of FM Radio. All the radio channels are available in the air surrounding you in the form of energy vibrations all the time but your radio receiver has a dial with which you can tune in and listen to just one channel. With your emotions the only problem is that the dial to choose which emotions you want to feel seems not to be in your hand but with external events or with others. I want to return this dial back to you with the next ten audios.

Each emotion brings with it a corresponding body sensation and you are able to feel the emotion in your physical body in the form of a tightening or pain or pulsing or vibration or shivering. When you learn and heal or release the pent up or stored emotions inside you, you will be able to easily handle the external emotional stimulation from a stable and calm space. You will begin this set of audios by learning to find out which emotion is your default or background emotion that predominates your emotional being.

Each emotion has a positive purpose for being present in your energy field. There is no such thing as negative or positive emotions and some emotions bring about negative outcomes for us only because of our resistance or non-acceptance of them. You will learn how each emotion is meant to take you towards your life goals and that each emotion is just a milestone along your life journey and each emotion can take you to a place of gratitude and joy within yourself. You will learn this practically and experientially. The fifth audio gives you practical tips of how to use your emotional awareness with your work and relationships and regular practice with this will make it second nature to you.

Emotional Empathy Awareness: The second part of emotional awareness is Empathy Awareness. With this part it will become very clear that emotions are merely energy vibrations surrounding you. You learn to be aware that you can absorb and vibrate in tune with the emotions of others. When that happens, you are just feeling their energy and not your own. For example when you meet someone who is angry, you may also inexplicably feel anger although the thing that caused anger to that person might usually just cause you amusement. This is the same with sadness, fear, shame or happiness. The extent of your ability to feel someone else’s emotions is the extent of your empathy sensitivity. This empathy is what brings tears to your eyes while watching sad movies or makes you feel excited in action movies and scared in horror movies.

In fact in the very first module, with the 8+8 energy movements, you learnt how to protect yourself from the emotions of others and how to release the emotions of others if it is already within you. The audio series begins with giving you an awareness of how you get affected by the emotions of others and goes on to show you how you can choose which of these emotions to accept and which to let go. The journey will take you deep within your emotional framework and you may find out that the deepest emotions you have been feeling, and that which has been virtually dictating the course of your entire life, was not even yours to begin with. You just absorbed it from the people who surrounded you and brought you up as a child. You will learn to easily let go of these deep emotions and heal yourself permanently.

You may have someone amongst your relatives or friends who is a calm, sensible and balanced person and who has a patient ear. The person everyone goes to with their woes in life. The person who helps people share their burdens, leading these people to feel relieved and recharged. You will be able to become that person with your empathy awareness and after healing and releasing your long pent up emotions.

In the fourth audio of this empathy awareness section, you will go through an unbelievable journey to a time just before your birth and feel the enthusiasm and joy you felt as a spirit while planning for this life time and bring that joy back to the now and fill up your entire emotional framework with it. This exercise will make joy as your default or background emotion from here on for the rest of your life.

The last audio in this series gives you practical tips on how to use this empathy awareness in your daily life. You may have to go and meet an angry and irritating client or your spouse may be bursting out with anger. You no longer need to avoid such things or fear them or carry their anger and spread it through your day to all those whom you meet after that interaction. You will be able to be amused and take this as an opportunity to practice what you have learnt in this chapter and release the anger. There is no need to control or suppress, just use the tools and practices that you will learn to simply release the anger energy and come back to your joyful state of mind.

Intuitive Mind Awareness or Spirit Body Awareness: We now move to the final chapter of the Awareness journey, your Spirit Body Awareness or your Spiritual Awareness. You are primarily a spirit going through the human experience. Your body is just part of the earth, just mud and water and air so to say. But it becomes a live being due to the presence of your spirit in it. Your spirit is not against your body or your bodily needs, if so why would it have chosen to reside in this body in the first place? We tend to ignore our spirit and focus only on the physical aspect of our body because of the misconception that you have to give up material desires to be spiritual, the misconception that you need to go through severe penance by punishing your body to realise your spirit. Actually to realise your spirit or to be aware of your spirit, you do not have to do anything, in fact you have to stop doing and simply start being. Just being.

Your spirit body is nothing but your intuitive mind and you begin this audio series with an exercise that shows you how much of your intuitive mind and how much of your logical mind you are using right now in your life. The next audio reveals to you that you are already intuitive but you have not been able to realise that this is what your intuition is and you may have been overruling your intuitive mind with your logical mind. You will learn about four different tools to draw information with your intuitive mind and then you will also go on a journey to the Akashic records, which is the source of all information pertaining to your spirit, across all your past and potential lifetimes. The fifth audio as usual gives you practical tips on how to use your spirit body awareness and the corresponding tools to choose your projects and opportunities and new relationships. You may never have to retrace your steps from failed projects or relationships after this. Such an opportunity would literally take you on a fast lane with the goals in your life and give you an entirely new view of your life.