Trisha Reddy (She/her)

Trisha Reddy (She/her)

Trisha Reddy (She/her)

Trisha is a counselor and fellow at Pause for Perspective, where her mission is to cultivate a space characterized by open communication, fostering an atmosphere where clients can freely unwind and explore their thoughts. Motivated by a fervent commitment to social justice, Trisha’s aspiration to become a therapist is underpinned by her dedication to intersectional diversity, anti-oppressive practices, and an affirming stance toward neuro-queer experiences. Beyond the therapy realm, Trisha is a creative artist, experimenting across a spectrum of media including photography, digital, and traditional art. Her artistic pursuits not only fuel her personal growth but also inform her therapeutic approach, enriching her ability to connect with clients on a multifaceted level. Her professional journey spans experience as a shadow teacher, supporting neurodivergent children within educational settings, and collaborating with NGOs to empower adolescents and young individuals, nurturing them into socially conscious leaders. During her four-month internship at Pause, Trisha worked with young adults navigating intersectional experiences. Through this experience, she honed her ability to provide client-centered care through a social justice lens, incorporating narrative techniques, (DBT), (SFBT), and (ACT). She endeavors to center (c-ptsd) and anti-caste work, while also emphasizing body-centric practices coupled with mindfulness techniques. Her commitment to growth and development in these areas remains unwavering. Her multi-cultured holistic approach to life and learning continues to shape her into an empathetic practitioner.


PG Diploma in Counselling Skills from St. Francis College for Women, Hyderabad.

BA: Major: Psychology; Minor: Sociology and Environmental Science in FLAME University, Pune.

Language: English, Telugu


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