It feels like I am making my way, fighting a strong storm,
The forceful wind making it hard to take a simple straight step.
Unable to breathe
Unable to think straight
Unable to listen to anything around
I am pulled away from this right now
I am left wanting to do more than I can

Restlessness, do you feel it today?

Not all is bad about this feeling of restlessness. Restlessness teaches us that we need to prioritize. However, when it does attack us, it distracts us, pulls us away from the right now, from being present and of use.The amazing thing about this nervous feeling state of restlessness is that when you acknowledge it, own it and create an intention to move away from it, it disappears. It’s magical. The power of bringing to consciousness our difficult feelings.

Here’s how you can create it for yourself

  1. Acknowledge your restlessness
  2. Create an intention and invite a desired feeling state
  3. Attend to your breath for five cycle
  4. Go back to life as it were (and without the restlessness)

I hope that you can introduce this micro-movement in your everyday life. Place reminders around your home and at work as well as perhaps on your phone, to remind you to take a few healing breaths. A sticky note at your desktop, blue nail polish reminding you to breathe, anything to do the trick should go a long way in helping you make this experiment a successful one.

Please let me know how it was for you. And if the restlessness doesn’t cease write to me and we’ll look at it one-on-one in an email conversation.
Much love,