A tribute to 21st-century women

After multiple, heart-opening sessions in solidarity with a wonderful person who consults with us, someone who has been quite familiar with the concept and functioning of oppressive structures of mental

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Emotional Dependency

Emotional Dependency When one hears the term ‘Emotional Dependency’, the first thought or image that comes to mind is of a person who is dependent on someone else for emotional

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Understanding Self- Compassion Part 2

Our Therapists, Dr.Tina Fernandes is interview Estelle Franklin help us understand what self-compassion is and how we can practice and experience it in our daily lives. This is part 2 of the interview. For Part

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How to Enjoy Wholesome Sleep

Some people are gifted with good sleep and irrespective of what they do or don’t do, they happen to enjoy wholesome sleep effortlessly. This article is for the rest of

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Parenting 101: Modeling

The brains of young children are like sponges that absorb information like it’s water. This has been proved by the many studies done on children. They mirror everything adults do

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