The natural overall pH of our body is slightly alkaline and in this state we feel at ease, our immunity towards infectious diseases are at its peak and we are physically fit and healthy. Due to various lifestyle factors our body tends to become acidic putting us in a state of unease and making us vulnerable to disease. Short term coping ways such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugary or salty snacks, and other substances  while giving temporary relief tends to make our body even more acidic making it habitual. We are unable to survive without these and over time it leads to chronic disease. 

In this article we shall see the factors that cause excessive body heat, the symptoms to look for to recognise the same and the practices that we can cultivate into a regular habit to enable our body to regain its natural pH balance. 

The unconscious habitual tendencies leading to excessive body heat:

  1. Shallow breathing.
  2. Imbalance in Circadian rhythm due to irregular timing of sleep and eating.
  3. Lack of minimal physical movement and activity. 
  4. Overthinking, excessive stress or anxiety, excessive worrying.
  5. Addiction to caffeine, nicotine, other psychotic drugs, alcohol.
  6. Consuming too much sugary or salty or deep fried foods. 
  7. Having bath or shower in very hot water. 
  8. Frequently drinking cold water or iced drinks.
  9. Medication such as antibiotics and pain killers. 

Symptoms or indications that could tell you that the body is acidic.

A basic shift in mindset to allow space and time every day for self-care is the first step. From this frame of mind, set an intention to cultivate a few lifestyle practices that I have listed below. It would also help to go back and read the five self-care articles relating to sleep, water, food and physical activity as well as the previous article on Circadian rhythm to understand what your body needs for a wholesome experience of life. Your career, your commitments to the care of other family members and dependants, your commitments to the society are all very important and to be able to be more effective in all these areas, I suggest that your first and foremost priority needs to be self-care. 

The Remedy:

Here is a list of activities and practices you could include into your daily routine and cultivate it as a habit until it becomes as effortless as brushing or having a bath:

  1. Rub a drop of Castor oil on the crown of your head and navel before going to bed every night.
  2. Soak 7 almonds overnight and peal it and eat the morning before your tea or coffee or breakfast. 
  3. Soak one teaspoon fenugreek seeds overnight n eat in the morning one hour after drinking water.
  4. Gargle in mouth one large tablespoon of coconut oil for 10 mins and spit out. Do not gargle with water afterwards for 30 mins.
  5. Sleep on your right side throughout the night and on left side for 1 hour before getting up.
  6. One deep breath practice – as frequent as possible just take one deep breath in from the nose and out from the mouth, the out breath longer and louder than the in breath. You can learn and practice Chandrabedi (Left in right out breathing), Sheetali breathing, each 10 repeats. 
  7. Massage Coconut oil vigorously on head and whole body and have bath in room temp or mildly lukewarm water after one hour. Repeat at least twice a week. On other days have bath in cold water or tepid water but end it with cold water. 
  8. 7 hours sleep every night with same timings. One hour afternoon nap whenever possible.
  9. Drink half a litre of alkaline water in a day preferably warm (mix one teaspoon baking soda in half litre filtered water and sip slowly).
  10. You can learn other tools such as heat reduction holding points, energy movements and meditation with selvansmentoring. 

Regularly practicing all of the above is not only preventive but could also reverse chronic lifestyle diseases in the long term.