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Chairman, Energy Psychology Mentor and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Author

  • Trained in Mindfulness and Creative Manifestation, Energy Healing, Energy Medicine, Dream Sculpting, Energy Healing by Eckhart Tolle, Jeffery Allen, Donna Eden, Barbara Ann Brennan respectively.
  • Trained Mindfulness Teacher, Pause for Perspective 
  • Trained and Qualified Teacher in Indian Psychology and Spirituality at Siddha Samadhi Yoga, RSVK
  • Reiki third degree holder (PD Patel)
  • 30 Decades of work as a Founder, Director in a reputed automotive company. 
Selvan is trained as a Mentor and Coach and ensures indigneous psychology and spiritual practices are incorporated in mental health and well being of an individual. He leads the energy psychology wing at Pause for Perspective where he mentors and guides clients in safe practices of Mindfulness and meditation and also provides support and training in Energy Psychology as an adjunct to  Pause for Perspective’s offering in psychotherapy and medical management for client’s mental health needs.
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