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Mindfulness Informed Short Term Skills Training Program

Our Mindfulness Informed Short Term Skills Training Program (MISTST) is a specialised and rigor based training program for students who are in MA/MSC/PGD programs in Psychology and would like to gain counseling specialization as a continuing education component in order to train and equip themselves as trained counselors and also for the undergraduate students to better understanding the counseling skills and the subject which will help them in choosing informed career pathways.  

The training is ideal for students who are in a distance program or have completed a psychology master’s and want to enhance their competence in using the skills.

Objective of the program:


  • Effectively use advanced counseling skills guided by mindfulness and direct it based on both client’s needs and training in different modalities of psychotherapy.
  • Enter the workforce and continue to be successful under the supervision of experts in the field
  • Do clinical intakes, ethical note-taking, working with suicide risk assessment and crisis intervention
  • Training in cultivating Mindfulness and social justice components within your role as a therapist

What is taught:


  • Training is focussed on Micro skills of counseling guided by Mindfulness,
  • Learning to conceptualize modalities that one is already trained in through a social justice  and mindfulness frame
  • Suicide risk assessment, ethics and locating diagnosis, will be taught.
  • Regular role-plays to ensure consistent skills training.
  • Learn to do clinical intakes
  • Suicide and Crisis intervention
  • Learn through video and audio recording of your own work 
  • Topic-wise Videos are provided
  • See voluntary clients 
  • Learn to write ethical clinical case notes
  • Individual and Group Supervision


Program structure:

The Mindfulness Informed Short-Term skills training is a three-month program, with four classes per week, of which three classes are for learning the skills and one class for presenting the recordings of your work and learning through the discussion. Each member of the batch will present three videos of their role-play during the course period. Topic-wise recordings will be provided for learning and these topics will be assessed. 

Teaching Faculty:

Aarathi Selvan (she/they)

Founder-Director and Clinical Psychologist in India. She is a supervisor, teacher, and therapist at Pause for Perspective. 

Ruhi Sameena (she/her) 

Psychological Counselor, Supervisor, and Program Lead

The fee for the training is Rs. 15000/- plus GST. 

To Apply: 

To apply for the program please fill out the google application form and we will reach out to you shortly. 

Our Internship program is  particularly for students in Direct programs for MA or MSc Clinical or Counseling Psychology program with a compulsory internship component. This is a three month training program. 

At the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Effectively use counselling skills and direct it based on both client’s needs and different modalities of psychotherapy
  • Do clinical intakes, ethical note taking, working with suicide risk assessment and crisis intervention

What is Offered:

  • Suicide risk assessment, diagnostics and ethics will be taught.
  • Get assigned clients for one-on-one therapy
  • Learn to write ethical case notes
  • Supervision
There is a small fee for the program to support the work done by our supervisors. 
To learn more about the program please write to us at along with your statement of purpose and CV.

Pause for Perspective takes on an anti-oppressive lens in the work that we do. Hence we are not like a typical MH hospital or clinic that does testing or diagnostics in the same way as other organisations do. 

We invite interns who will help us with several aspects of the organization that will not include direct contact with the client.

Interns are:

  • Part of our trainings, learn and read along with our Pause Fellows,
  • Part of meetings that will include also allotment of responsibilities such as, think about integrating bibliotherapy in practice, or write for our website etc. or working with our research team with data collection.

A lot can come out of the internship experience if the intern is open to seeing how we can deliberate on learning from this space.


To set up time with our team to craft your internship experience write to us at

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