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Psychological Counselor, Supervisor and Program Lead


  • Trained in Mindfulness Based Symptom Management 8-weeks’ workshop from Pause for Perspective and Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic
    Trained in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy workshop from Pause for Perspective and Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic.
  • Trained in Narrative practices from Ummeed child Development Centre at Pause for Perspective.
  • Trained as a Career Counsellor with Edu Milestones.
  • Training in Imago Relationship Therapy by Ben Cohen, in association with pause for perspective.
  • Co-teacher in the Mindfulness Based Symptom Management 8 weeks’ program at pause for perspective.
  • Co-teacher in the Integrative mindfulness based psychotherapy training (IMBPT) program.
  • Workshop presenter with “Your are not alone” The Live Love Laugh Foundation (TLLLF) project with Pause for Perspective.
  • Consultant psychological Counsellor at an Indian MNC.
  • Workshop presenter for ‘Mental Health Awareness’ Session for colleges, schools, NGO, Hospitals and MNCs with Pause for Perspective.
  • Group therapy moderator at Pause for Perspective.
  • Co-Training the community health workers at Shaheen Women’s resource and welfare association.

Ruhi joined Pause for Perspective as an intern in 2015, later in 2016 she started as a full time counsellor, since then she has engaged in learning ways to enhance her skills as a therapist. From all of her learnings what really resonates with her deeply is Mindfulness Based Approach and Narrative Ideas and Practice. Her stance as therapist is to hold a safe space with curiosity and open kindness with an intention to pay attention to the ways the person is already dealing with their experiences’ and collaborative looking at what is important for the person.

As a therapist she believes that therapy is a collaborative work between the person and a therapist. She keenly looks into peoples know-how’s and empowers them to cultivate an openness towards their experience. She offers one-on-one individual as well as online sessions to the Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults, and Couples–people who are experiencing Mental health concerns (ie., Anxiety, depression, self-harm ideation, Personality Disorders, Identity crises to name some), General life issues (ie., day-to-day stressors, relationships concern, career related motivation, academics’ related concerns, Parenting concerns) and Pre and Post marital related concerns.

Apart from seeing clients she leads workshops on Mindfulness and Intentional living in-house and at different spaces. She leads the Slow Down Saturday and Kintsugi Circles at pause for perspective which are community  workshops.

She works with Construction Specialties (MNC) as their psychologist and runs mini mindfulness sessions for the employees there. She also engages with MNCs, Schools and NGO (like Shaheen Women’s resource and welfare association) for Mindfulness and Mental Health

As a therapist I believe my clients already have all the answers deep within their body.. My role is to help them access these resources in an embodied conversation, being curious to see what will become possible in the present moment

Ruhi Sameena

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