Group Therapy-Adults Group & Teens Group

Pause for perspective is now offering  group therapy sessions  to facilitate shared therapeutic   experience  and provide a safe space for individuals to come together  to share their stories  and support each other . The sessions  will  be open  for individuals dealing with depression ,anxiety disorders ,or other mental health  concerns; individuals  who are facing other life difficulties, feeling  overwhelmed stressed  or confused;  and even caregivers  who have  either a close friend or family  member who is going through a difficult  time and want support.

While individual therapy  is essential for effectively learning to manage mental illness, the nature of group therapy helps individuals develop support system, feel connected to fellow beings in their unique struggles and triumphs allows for a community effort to become aware of and achieve positive mental health.

The purpose of the sessions will be a create  a confidential, safe, empathetic and open space where participants  can express and explore  themselves, learn from and support  one another, engage in insightful discussions and together work towards interpersonal healing and positive growth. The pause for perspective team will help facilitate this healing process through various therapeutic techniques.

Please note that we will be conducting a brief telephonic intake with each interested participants in order to understand where you stand, what concerns you will be coming in with and what you will require in the sessions. We also request that you come in with an open mind and a commitment to try and be compassionate and present for not just your journey towards healing but also towards the journey of the other participants.

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