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Q. I got to know about your work in a time when I was afraid to dream, unsure how to and fearful about failure. After taking your full moon dream boarding workshop I am a different person. Can you tell us a little about the power of dream boarding especially during full moon?

A. I am so moved by what you’ve shared, Aarathi. Creating dreamboards is a powerful practice and I’m so glad it has touched you in this way!

One of the deepest gifts of dreamboards is that they can open you up to insight and discovery even when you have no idea what you are looking for or where to begin. This simple practice of gathering, cutting and pasting can become a direct line of discovery into the messages of your soul.

Dreamboards have a deep impact at any time but I’ve found over the years that tuning into the special energy of the Full Moon helps us go even deeper by connecting us to something greater than ourselves – the rhythms of nature. As we tune into the moods and energies of the different seasons, like the hunger of the Full Wolf Moon and the delight of the Full Strawberry moon, we explore new aspects of our dreams and ourselves.

Q. How can someone who is unsure about living their purpose/passion begin the journey of intentionally living in their dreams?

A. Dreamboards are a great place to start. Many people approach this practice primarily to draw what they want into their life. Perhaps they want a creative studio or a trip to Bali – images that represent that go on the board. The way I teach dreamboarding also includes an intuitive aspect, one where the images that call to us have messages to be revealed. It is a truly magical process. We may not know why we can’t stop looking at that image of a typewriter but we trust that pull and put it on our board. Over the next while, gently and surprisingly, we find ourselves admitting that we want to write a book.

Our dreamboards can also serve as maps to our dreams. We don’t have to simply make them and put them away. We can actively engage with them, looking for clues to inspired actions we could take on the road to our dreams. As I look at my dreamboard right now I see a journal with the word “document” on it and I’m thinking about how documenting could impact Jamie Ridler Studios and support its growth and my vision.

Q.Can you recommend some simple steps to help people live creatively and with intention in their everyday life?

A. A beautiful and simple place to begin is with a question: “What do I want?”

This question taps into the big picture like, “What do I want out of life?” but it also means asking yourself, “What do I want for breakfast?” Both of these are important.

Grab your journal and a cup of tea and give yourself 15 minutes to answer the question. Let your heart take the pen and pour itself onto the page.

Several times throughout the day, let this question take you off autopilot. Instead of going to your closet and picking out your “uniform”, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “What do I want to wear?” Instead of giving your automatic yes when someone invites you to volunteer, ask yourself, “What do I want?”

Even if you are not going to choose what you want, this is powerful!

The first step to living with creativity and intention is reconnecting to yourself and your heart and this question and dreamboards can lead you there.