History of Female Sexual Dysfunction

In the early 20th century, American psychiatry became increasingly professionalized and medicalized; from the 1930s, it also became significantly psychoanalytic. Psychoanalysis – not Freud’s own writings as much as their

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Neurobiology of Trauma

      Neurobiology Of Trauma.   When an individual experiences intense psychological distress, the chemistry of the brain changes and it starts to function in a different manner. Such experiences give rise

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Symptoms of Complex Trauma

Symptoms Of Complex Trauma. Our previous article on trauma talks about the risk factors, the protective factors and the causes of complex trauma. Here, we are going to try and

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Emotional Dependency

Emotional Dependency When one hears the term ‘Emotional Dependency’, the first thought or image that comes to mind is of a person who is dependent on someone else for emotional

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Understanding Complex Trauma

Understanding Complex Trauma Every individual is unique and is on their own journey, with a countless number of experiences that are true only to them. Same is for trauma. Each

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