Funny Boy- Book Review

Funny Boy: A Book Review Funny Boy by Shyam Selvadurai is a 1994 novel, recently adapted to film by Deepa Mehta. The book is the semi-autobiographical journey of a young

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Symptoms of Complex Trauma

Symptoms Of Complex Trauma. Our previous article on trauma talks about the risk factors, the protective factors and the causes of complex trauma. Here, we are going to try and

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Nail Polish: A Movie Review

Nail Polish: A Movie Review “The mind commits the crime,The body takes the blame”.    The movie Nail Polish is a two hour long courtroom drama which opens with the

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Emotional Dependency

Emotional Dependency When one hears the term ‘Emotional Dependency’, the first thought or image that comes to mind is of a person who is dependent on someone else for emotional

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Mental Health Is Political

In our previous works on the topics: Is Mental Health Political? and Mental Health Is Political: Therapists Answer Questions!, we have discussed how society plays a role in affecting an

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What is Intelligent Mind:    Intelligence is the most celebrated, appreciated, desired quality for us humans. So much so that nothing else seems important or necessary, in fact every thing

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