8-week program in Awareness Journey By Selvan Srinivasan

Tools of Energy & Somatic Psychology Guiding you on a journey within yourself

Observing, Noticing, Paying Attention, Focusing, Concentrating, Looking, Seeing, Perceiving are all activities you do with your mind and body (sense organs). You do all these from a specific location or focal point – it is usually your conscious mind, or your emotional mind or your body or a combination of these. Sometimes it could even be your intuitive mind. There is an observer and there is an observed. You assume that you are the one who is doing the observing. But in reality, the observer is not the real you or the core you. The observer is clouded or surrounded by what is happening (the energy vibrations around) and the observed is being perceived through this shroud or layers of filters.

Awareness is a state of being – It is your natural Happy Place within. When you simply be and not do any of the above for long enough, the cloud settles, and you experience a shift from a doing state to a being state. When you simply be and not do anything – a state of complete non-doing being – you are aware. Being alive is same as being aware. Awareness is the aliveness in you, the real original you that is behind the phenomenal Mind-Body you. But the restless state of the cloud around you would never allow the complete settling down to happen and therefore you are never aware of your awareness.

In this course, you will learn to cultivate simple habits using tools to come back to “Your Happy Place”, a state of inner balance and grounding, to activate the healing earth and cosmic energies to keep flowing as you go through your routine life.

At Pause for Perspective, we have been offering Awareness Journey as a six-month online course for the past four years. We now bring the first three modules of this course (full details of these modules are available on the online course webpage) to you by way of an eight-week in-person course as detailed below.

New session led by Selvan Srinivasan, Chief Mentor, Energy healer and Author.

Who can attend?


This course is meant for you if you have ever asked yourself these questions…


  1. Is there more to me than what I perceive or believe to be me?
  2. Can I live a life of wholesome wellness, free from suffering and pain without drugs and medication, just by awakening the dormant healing power within me?
  3. Can I harness all my negative emotions to work for my growth rather than hinderance?
  4. Can I awaken my creative and intuitive mind to work for me in career progress and material abundance?
  5. Can I move beyond the repetitive experiences of blocks and hurdles in my life into one of synchronicity and flow?

The benefits of Energy Healing


The health-care system that has come to the mainstream in modern urban society primarily functions under the paradigm that the doctor / professional will take care of your health when you are unwell. You just live your life focusing on the world around you as long as you are able to and then when you fall sick you go to the hospital, and you will be fixed / taken care by the system until you are back on your feet. This is the quick-fix method with an appropriate medicine. You need machines and diagnostic tests and experts to decipher them to tell you how healthy you are.

Energy healing is not any complex impossible possibility. When you simply come back to your core awareness by pausing all doing and just being in a state of non-doing, you automatically activate the dormant healing abilities within you. It is easier to experience this practically by yourself and observing the results within the first few weeks than to study and understand the concept behind it.

Previous course participants of the online Awareness Journey have experienced seemingly miraculous healing. Some of whom have come to me with autoimmune disease, PCOD, chronic insomnia, diabetes, heart conditions, psoriasis, one person with a rare chronic skin disease called Hidradenitis suppurativa, complete kidney failure, anxiety and panic attacks, hypertension, chronic depression, broken relationships, failed business, even confusion and aimlessness. Although some of them have not experienced complete reversal of their conditions, all the participants have experienced a high degree of ease and been able to drastically cut down on the medication.


I Am Selvan Srinivasan

I am an Energy Psychology Mentor and Author. Join me on this journey into your Awareness. In the last five years I have worked several people in offering tools and ways of being that has helped them connect with the body’s wisdom and guidance to live intentional,  aligned and equanimous ways. The simple tools and techniques and ways of being will strengthen your physical, emotional and cognitive life as well.   

The story of my Awareness

Introduction to the course

Read Selvan’s articles here

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Course Start Date

8 weekly Sessions (ie. once a week on satrudays) – 2.30 to 4.30 pm on Saturdays 
Starting 8th October to 26th November 2022

To register:

call or whatsapp 8106864001 or
write to pause.perspective@gmail.com to register

Fee for PRogram:

Rs. 6000/-
Some positions are reserved for full scholarships which are available for Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Castes (OBC), Nomadic Tribes (NT), Denotified Tribes (DNT), Indigenous and Disabled participants and those from low income families. If you would like to be considered for the scholarship, please email us.

Complimentary Book

You will get an opportunity to receive the draft of the book due for publication as a companion to this course.