Ruchi Bhutada (she/her)

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Ruchi Bhutada (she/her)

Ruchi Bhutada is a consultant psychotherapist Pause for Perspective (PFP).

Ruchi is really passionate about mental hygiene and approaches mental health not just from an illness perspective but also a wellness perspective. She believes in mental health advocacy and thinks that it is essential for everyone to have awareness of and access to tools that would help them manage their mental health. This is the thought process she brings to her sessions, along with having a social justice, feminist, and intersectional stance. She believes that therapy should be a space where people have the opportunity to be authentically themselves and build on their internal resources. 
She aims to have an eclectic approach and customise the sessions based on individual needs. Her focus areas would be day-to-day difficulties, anxiety, stress, etc. 
Apart from this, She is an avid reader, she loves animals and is obsessed with her dog, and enjoys travelling.


BA (Psychology major), FLAME University (2017-2020)
PG Diploma in Interdisciplinary studies and research (Psychology major), FLAME University (2020-2021)
MSc Mental Health Studies, King’s College London (2021-2022) 
Suicide First Aid: Understanding suicide intervention, Safe Space India
South Asian Diploma in Narrative Practices, Narrative Practices India (ongoing) 

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