Aarathi Selvan (She/They)

Aarathi is the Founder-Director and Clinical Psycholoigst in India. She is a TEDx speaker. She is a supervisor, teacher and therapist at Pause for Perspective. She leads a team of 20+ mental health professionals. She has expertise in working with individuals, children and families , couples and organizations. She has over 15+ years of experience in the field of Mental Health. Her work is informed by principles of social justice and feminist perspectives. She integrates her trainings into Narrative and Mindfulness informed modalities. She is a faculty on several counseling programs across the country. She is a passionate mental health practitioner, teacher and supervisor.  


  • MA Psychological Counseling (Columbia University, USA),
  • EDM Psychological Counseling (Columbia University, USA),
  • MPhil – Clinical Psychology, Osmania University (India), Clinical Psychologist (NZ)
  • Clinical Psychologist, Mental health counselor with over 13 Years of Experience
  • Licensed psychotherapist (US, NZ & India).
  • PhD scholar, University of Madras
  • Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness, TSM, David Treleaven
  • Conflict as Generative, Generative Somatics
  • Trained in Mindfulness at the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic, Canada
  • EMDR at EMDR India
  • Queer Affirmative Counseling Practitioner, Mariwala Health Initiative, India
  • Imago Therapy, Imago Relationships International, NZ & USA
  • Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, Couples Institute, USA
  • Intuitive Eating, USA
  • Trained in Trauma at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapies
  • Trained in spiritual modalities of psychotherapy at the Association of Spirituality &Psychotherapy, NY
  • Other trainings that she has invested in are CBT, IPT, Narrative therapy and SFBT

We live in a world where there is so much chaos and noise, to listen in has become arbitrary. And yet, it is from listening within that we can live in resonance with the life given to us. It is from listening in that we can live intentionally, in alignment with our desires for ourselves and those we love.

Aarathi Selvan

TEDx Hyderabad: Neurodivergence


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