Program details: 

When: 17th December 2022. Timing: 10am to 1:00pm  Fee: Rs 1500/- Group discount available. (Rs 1000 per person for a group of two or more)

 To register: whatsapp at 8106864001.


at Pause for Perspective, Begumpet 


Workshop Invitation

Stepping into our hearts: A gentle creative exploration into emotional awareness by connecting with the earth & its healing potential.

 We have been taught to hide or suppress our emotions, temporarily it seems to help to function in a world that is driven by agenda’s of capitalistic productivity. But soon we notice fatigue, we notice that our bodies are exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling the pain of everything around us. Our emotions never go away.

The way this hiding of our emotions shows for example, is in how we train to control our anger or not display anger even when we feel it, for fear of ruining relationships. When we are sad or depressed we put up a smiling face because we have learnt that we should never present a droopy face to others. Similarly we are masters in hiding our shame and guilt. We also learn not to worry as it causes stress and to be courageous and never fear or let fear pull you down. We struggle with emotions throughout our lives and go through roller-coaster experiences with our relationships both personal and professional. We can release ourselves from all these by diving deep within and seeking to have emotional awareness rather than patchwork solutions while staying stuck in our heads and fearing to step into our hearts

Each emotion has a purpose for being present in our energy field. There is no such thing as negative or positive emotions and some emotions bring about negative outcomes for us only because of the way we have been socialised to keep them at bay. In this workshop we will come to see how each emotion is meant to take us towards our life goals and that each emotion is just a milestone along our life journey and each emotion can take us to a place of gratitude and joy within ourselves. We will use expressive arts, movement, and creative visualization to journey through this process

Listen to our facilitators talk about the program

Our Facilitator: Selvan

Selvan is trained as a mentor and author of Energy Psychology. He ensures indigneous psychology and spiritual practices are incorporated in mental health and well being of an individual. He leads the energy psychology wing at Pause for Perspective where he mentors and guides people in safe practices of Mindfulness and meditation and also provides support and training in Energy Psychology as an adjunct to  Pause for Perspective’s offering in psychotherapy and medical management for client’s mental health needs. Given Selvan is deeply grounded in practice, you will see him hold space for practice of stepping into our emotions most powerfully in this workshop. 


Our Co-Facilitator: Aarathi

Aarathi is a clinical and Counseling psychologist and Mindfulness teacher. They are also a teacher, supervisor and therapist and has over 15+ years of experience in the field. Aarathi integrates a social justice stance to mental health practices. Aarathi believes that Mindfulness and Energy Psychology are ways of connecting with the body and nature in ways that allows us to lean in naturally into practices of embodied social justice. Given so many healing practices are languaged through upper caste, colonised ways of being, in this workshop, you will find Aarathi holding space for language adjustments and art based invitations, that allow our bodies to then feel safe.