Support Group for Neurodivergent People

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Support Group for Neurodivergent Peope

Pause for Perspective introduces support group for Neurodivergent people 

People who resonate with any part of the neurogivergence spectrum are welcome. You need not be diagnosed with neurodivergence by a clinician. In this space we will come together and share experiences and hold space for each other. 

We will  begin with talking about what it has been like to figure out or discover neurodivergence and what supported us through this process. These sessions are peer facilitated and led by a therapist who also has lived experience. 

To know more about the group sessions and see if you are a fit please reach out to our therapist and group lead at and they will connect you. 

Topic: Call or whatsapp us on 8106864001 to check on the topic for the weekend. You can also check out insta page @pauseforperspective for this weekends topic

When: Second and Fourth Wednesday of every month 

Time:  5:00pm to 6:00pm 

Where: Zoom. Once you call/DM/Whatsapp and register we will send you a zoom link

Fees Rs 200/-

How to register: Call or Whatsapp on 8106864001 or DM us on our insta page @pauseforperspective

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