calm successFebruary has a certain air to it, doesn’t it. Not only is it almost the end of winter in Hyderabad but it is also a short month. I end up feeling unsettled soon as March arrives. As if the year has been rolling past unawares. And just like that I find myself rush through the days finishing this and that and when December hits I am not sure how I can reflect on my year that’s gone by so soon.

Year’s have gone by this way, and resolutions don’t help much. The lists I used to make when I was a young adult-lose 15kgs, make $_________money, work out every day, etc only made things harder as I found myself barely being able to meet deadlines and make ends meet.

However, more recently I have realized that a more intentional way of beginning the year is to choose one word for my year that will energetically guide me towards all that there is to meet every year. In 2011 when my daughter was born my word was mindfulness, a wonderful reminder to be present with my little one, in 2012 it was trust an important guide to help me flow through a difficult year in my life, in 2013 it was reconnect a reminder to rekindle my own inner voice (it was also the beginning of my online business), in 2014 it was gentle perseverance a reminder to be gentle in my efforts to balance work and personal life and also to keep going with my business. In 2015 my word is Calm Success a reminder to learn to be calm and to find success in every little move I make.

Interest in focusing on one word for the year has been around for a long time now. Check out this NYtimes post about it. Kathryn Costa provides some amazing pointers on how to find your word of the year here and Shawn at abundant mama provides a guide to how you can choose a word as a family this year.

This Sunday on the 15th February 2014 I am leading a group of kindred, at Our Sacred Space in Hyderabad, in choosing their word of the year. February feels like the right month to do this, right before life feels like it is speeding past and right after January’s “newness” dulling down. We will journal, color, scrap and share the narratives of our lives. What’s not to fall in love with?

Will you join me?

Click here to RSVP for the event.

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