Q. What exactly do we do in the art journaling class?

A. Our classes begin on time and last for two hours long. If you are a beginner to the process of creative journaling I will orient you to the art materials and the prompts that we will have for that week. I will then show the class a technique that you can incorporate in your journaling for that day. There will also be several examples of the way the technique has been used so that you can start to incorporate some of the techniques into your own journal spread.

You will be invited to work with one prompt a class (a prompt includes a theme we will explore such as self-confidence/trust/worthiness, etc) and a technique(such as columned technique or sunburst, etc) As a beginner it is recommend to incorporate the technique into your own journal spread and as we go along the month you will gain confidence in working intuitively with your page and will create your own techniques that the group can also use.

After an hour and a half of journaling we will take half an hour to share the process and our revelations with the group. This is one of the crucial and often moving components of group work. However, participants can choose to share how much ever they are comfortable with sharing. This is a supportive group and no judgements about work is made. Remember process is the emphasis of this class and NOT the product.

Q. Why do we have to come every week? Isnt one class in creative journaling enough?

A. Short answer: No. It is not enough. Long answer: yes, and no. Think about this, is one yoga class sufficient for you to decide you can practice at home by yourself? You can ofcourse purchase a dvd and practice yoga at home but often times you dont because there is no one to motivate you and there isnt a group that will do this along with you.

It is the same with creative journaling. The value of attending classes is multifold.

  1. There is NO other creative journaling classes offered in Hyderabad (I want to say India but I will hold my toungue).
  2. Pause for perspective is a community of mindfulness students and learners and we are constantly striving to come together to live more authentically and fully, in a community like this your work with creative journaling with take you deeper towards authentic living.
  3. Art journaling techniques while plenty is offered as a one stop shop here and you have one place where you can always go to to explore different techniques and themes.
  4. We supply materials! You dont ever have to buy the ton of materials and we are always here for you when you need them (every tuesday 6-8pm).
  5. Increasingly people want likeminded communities where they can joyously share there authentic selves. What better way to do that than at Pause for Perspectives Creative Journaling Classes.
  6. When you come in each week you learn a variety of techniques and deepen your relationship with yourself. This kind of consistency is necessary for us to make deep changes in our lives.

Q. I have no experience in Creative Journaling or art. Infact I am not artist at all. Can I still come?

A. Yes. If you really are curious about creative journaling and open to the glorious mess that we can make then you are welcome. Creative journaling focusses on the process. So we are focused on how we feel when we create our pages, what comes up for us when we sit with ourselves. And we work on gently changing the inner critic and embracing a more confident part of ourselves. We learn to be okay with ourselves. This is a powerful process and paints and other media help you get there.

Q. Can I bring my family along?

A. The workshop is open for anyone above the age of 16. While you can bring your family along know that it would be in your best interest to come in and explore creative journaling and see how deep you want to go with it before you want to share it with family. This is primarily because creative journaling is a private process and often we have a set focus and way of being when we are around family that may not help if we want to really express ourselves authentically. However, if you feel that this is good for you as a family and all the members are game for it, you are all welcome.

Q. Can anyone come for the workshop?

A. Ideally folks who are interested in explore art and go deeper within themselves are welcome. However, the facilitator reserves the right of admission based on what is good for the group at large. So there will be a phone discussion or in person discussion about the appropriateness of your participation in the group.

If you have further questions write to me at aarathi(dot)selvan(at)pauseforperspective(dot)com or call me at 9490708947.

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