Mindfulness Based Workshops

Mindfulness Workshops in Hyderabad

Mindfulness is an effective tool to incorporate in our daily lives to overcome stress, live intentionally and in connection with ourselves and those we love. The workshops lead by Pause for Perspective are ONLY introductory workshops helping people understand and eventually delve into the process .

These mindfulness workshops are held in Hyderabad, Telengana.

In 2015 Mindfulness workshops will include workshops on:

1. Mindful Motherhood.

2. Mindful Parenting.

3. Mindfulness for Everyday Life.

4. Mindfulness for Children.

5. Mindfulness for Couples.

We also run practice and community building workshops such as Slow Down Sundays, Contemplative Writing, Contemplative Painting, Contemplative Photography, Creative Journaling and more.

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Past workshops:

Take a sneek peek at one of the most favorite activities of our workshop:

IMPORTANT NOTE: These workshops are NOT replacement to therapy. If you have a mental illness or suspect that you need more help with managing your emotions, seek the help of a professional clinical psychologist.   DO NOT assume that this is therapy. Mindfulness has a lot of therapeutic value however, only a thorough assessment and guidance can help successfully.  You can contact Aarathi Selvan to set up an appointment.

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