Internship Program

Interns from the Fall 2017-2018 Batch

Pause for Perspective offers current and cutting edge training for interns that helps them delve into the sacred science of counseling. We prepare our interns to be learners and beginning therapists in the field. Our interns are trained to be nuanced in diagnostics as well as therapeutic techniques. We invite Trainees and Interns who are undergoing Bachelors and Masters in Psychology (with a Counseling Specialization) to apply for the internship program with us. Our internship programs last for one month or three months long.

What to expect from this internship:

  • For the 1st week of Learning program the interns are required to come in from 11 am to 3 pm. After the first week of training individual timings  will be decided according to your requirement.
  • The first week of internship will be an intensive learning program covering necessary skills & approaches for therapy
  • The interns are expected to write a reflection paper about each topic simultaneously. Submission date of these reflection papers will be decided after the particular topic is been covered.
  • After the learning session there will be Role play tests conducted to check on interns learning from the past week after which the training for the brief telephonic intake will be undertaken.
  • Once you do the Brief Telephonic Intake  with the new clients you  sit in with Ms. Aarathi Selvan in the sessions as a Co-therapist (upon receiving permission from the clients).

Below is the brief syllabus for the first few weeks of training. Further training material will be provided after joining the program.

Days required to teach
Assignments related
Mode of learning
IVEY: Ivey pyramid & Flannagan video and role for each skills
3 days
1 video & Transcript
Ivey text book & videos and Role play and supervision
Suicide Assessment
2 days
Reflection paper for the same
Mindfulness approach for different conditions
1  day/week
Reflection paper for the same
Videos, text book and didactic learning
CBT approaches for different conditions
2 day/week
Reflection paper for the same
Videos, text book and didactic learning
Internship fee:
We charge a minimum fee for internship owning to the intense training and commitment required of our trainee. The fee for the program is:
1. One Month Internship: Rs.3000/-
2. Three Month Internship: Rs 6000/-
To apply for the internship program please write to or call us at 9490708947. Please send us your resume and a list of courses and internship programs you have already undertaken.
Please note ONLY serious students who have mandatory internship requirement as part of their course curriculum will be accepted into the program.

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