Sridevi Mannava

Ms. Sridevi Mannava is a counselor at Pause for Perspective. She attended PG Diploma in Psychological Counseling from St. Francis College, Hyderabad. She has also received training and certificate in Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy from Pause for Perspective. She has attended the International Solution Focused Conference in Calicut in 2016 and is exposed to SFBT as a modality of training.

Sridevi works with adults as well as children through one-on-one counselling sessions. Her goal is to help clients deal with their personal crises and become their best self:  healthy, happy and capable. Sridevi uses Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based techniques in her counselling. One of her strengths is helping a client form a narrative for their life, understand their own stories and how it affects their decision-making.

In her experience, Sridevi has worked with clients over concerns such as stress and interpersonal issues as well as clinical issues like depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder. Prior to this position, she was a student counselor at Secunderabad Public School where she helped students deal with exam anxiety, behavioural and learning issues. Before turning to psychology, she spent 15 years in private industry working in Facilities, Administration and Human Resources. She is well-versed in corporate culture and offers consultations on coping with workplace issues and work-related stress.

Sridevi is dedicated to continuously add to her knowledge and skill set so that she can provide the best for her clients.

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