Ms. Pooja Agarwal

I am a certified counselor at Pause for Perspective. I’ve been in the field- learning and gaining experience for over four years and in this time I have only reinforced my passion for helping people lead more wholesome lives. Currently, I offer one-on-one counseling sessions for adults and children who feel adrift, are dealing with any form of crisis and need help managing general and clinical concerns in order to reach their true potential.

I have a BA Honours in Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore and a PG Diploma in Psychological Counseling from St Francis College, Hyderabad. I am additionally trained as a Mindfulness therapist, from Pause for Perspective and Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic. I often incorporate different therapeutic techniques like Client-centered, CBT, Mindfulness and others in sessions to accommodate for each individual client.

In my experience I have seen clients with general concerns like procrastination, overthinking, stress, relationship issues, lack of motivation and also clients with more clinical concerns like anxiety, OCD, depression, self-harm and suicidal ideation. I have worked extensively with children as well and have experience working with children with special needs and also children with cancer; employing both counseling and play therapy techniques with them. I am dedicated to continuously add to my knowledge and skill set so that I can provide the best for my clients.

Articles by Pooja: Overcoming Procrastination,

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