Internship Training Program

This is a program particularly for students in MA or MSc Clinical or Counseling Psychology program with a compulsory internship component. This is a three month training program.

At the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Effectively use counselling skills and direct it based on both client’s needs and different modalities of psychotherapy
  • Use different modalities of therapy such as ACT, DBT, and Narrative Therapy
  • Enter the workforce and continue to be successful under supervision of experts in the field
  • Do clinical intakes, ethical note taking, working with suicide risk assessment and crisis intervention

What is taught:

  • Training is focussed on basic skills of counseling,
  • learning to conceptualise based on evidence-based modalities like CBT, DBT, ACT.
  • Sensitivity to personality theories, development and attachment models is reiterated.
  • Suicide risk assessment, diagnostic manuals and ethics will be taught.
  • Regular role-plays to ensure consistent skills training.
  • Learn to do clinical intakes
  • Suicide and Crisis intervention
  • Observe and lead as a co-therapist
  • Get assigned clients for one-on-one therapy
  • Learn to write ethical case notes
  • Group and individual supervision

Internship is run year-long. Call us to know when the next batch commences.

Fee: 15000 + 18% GST.

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