Pooja Gupta

Qualifications : Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counseling Skills from St. Francis College for Women, Hyderabad.

Years of Experience : 1

  • Psychological counselor at Pause for Perspective.
  • Currently pursuing training as a mindfulness based therapist from Pause for Perspective and Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic.
  • I have worked with Pause for Perspective as an intern, before joining in full-time. During my internship, I sat on sessions as a co-therapist as well as offered one-on-one counseling as well as Skype sessions to clients with issues around work, anxiety, stress, relationships.
  • I incorporate different therapeutic theories in my practice – person centered, mindfulness practices, CBT among some, based on the foundation of the microskills hierarchy laid down by Allen Ivey.
  • I have held various psycho-education sessions at schools, helping students learn more about stresses and pressures faced during adolescence. My sessions were focused on helping them build their self esteem and self compassion, apart from understanding effective ways of dealing with such stresses that come hand-in-hand with pressures of academics, peers, future.
  • Additionally, I was a part of the International Conference on Solution Focused Practices, hosted by Association for Solution Focused Practices-India, in 2018, at Christ University, Bangalore. During the conference I got the opportunity to learn more about SFBT practices from various key-note speakers like Arnold Huibers, Elliott Connie, Adam Froerer; and help incorporate the same in my practice.
  • I have volunteered in a Government school as a motivational instructor and been an active participant in the organisation, Teenage Foundation – which conducts workshops for teenage students to help them build life skills and cope with teenage pressures.
  • My experiences and learnings have only made me more passionate to help people live more effectively. I have enjoyed working with young adults and adolescents towards building more wholesome lives and am committed to continue learning and expanding my horizons to provide the best to my clients.

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