PFP Newsletter Dec 2018


As the calendar year draws to a close, it’s a natural time to reflect back and look forward. So, we invite you to take some time to reflect on how things have gone. What’s been going well? Where are you thriving? Where do you want to continue giving energy? Which areas require more attention, care, or restraint? What could you do differently that would bring more happiness and well-being into your life and the lives of those around you?



Slowing down is the answer to living a full and wholesome life, a life where we can sit steadily in the face of hardships and sail smoothly in the face of joy. Only in embracing our lives as they unfold can we get closer to it, transcend hardships that seem to recur, and find meaning in the yucky as much as we find meaning in the yummy aspects of our life. We cannot rush our ways out of difficult spots in our life. Not always.

Not all is bad about this feeling of restlessness. Restlessness teaches us that we need to prioritize. However, when it does attack us, it distracts us, pulls us away from the right now, from being present and of use.The amazing thing about this nervous feeling state of restlessness is that when you acknowledge it, own it and create an intention to move away from it, it disappears. It’s magical. The power of bringing to consciousness our difficult feelings.

When you are able to own up to your responsibilities, while at the same time take care of yourself- body, emotions and soul. You will begin to appreciate the innate willingness that springs forth.Of course, it is a process, a practice, with ups-downs but it carries with it wonderful gifts along the way.

Meet our Team

Madhuri Sampath 

B.A LLB, LLM and PG Diploma in Counselling Psychology. Certified Substance abuse and addiction counsellor.

She is a certified counsellor at Pause for Perspective. She is the on board counsellor for Teenage Foundation, a non-profit organisation working with teenagers. She is trained in Mindfulness based symptoms management and solution focused brief therapy. She has conducted workshops at colleges to educate young adults about stress management and addictions.

Her goal is to help clients deal with their personal crises and be able to deal with life’s challenges effectively.

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