Pause for Awareness



Pause for Perspective is excited to announce our new series of workshops aimed at supporting people from all walks of life, to live more intentionally and skillfully. These workshops center around topics of interest, such as parenting, career, health, work, and relationships; as well as attempts towards understanding and destigmatizing mental health discourse in the public forum.

Mindful Motherhood

Being a ‘new mother’ is a challenge and a roller coaster ride filled with decisions and choices. Mothers may begin to feel like ‘this rich emotional beginning with me, my (unborn) child, my spouse, and my family involves a lot of thinking leaving me emotionally drained.’ It has been suggested that the key to making the best choice as a mother is through expanded awareness.

In this Pause For Awareness session, we hope to help you gain a deeper awareness and understanding of one’s over abilities and attitudes towards motherhood. We aim to help you recognize motherhood as an experience involving physiological, emotional, social, cultural and personal changes within oneself and one’s surrounding.

The focus of the session would also be to look at common challenges and stress factors such as breastfeeding, lack of sleep, issues with spouse and many more. This awareness program invites you to embrace motherhood with all its struggles and successes in order to reflect, review, discuss so as to make conscious choices from today.

Who can Attend: All new mommies with their spouses, those who are planning to start a family,along with their mothers or caregivers, as well as doctors, professionals, nurses, midwives & counselors. Participants are also welcome to come in with babies up to 8 or 9 months old so as to miss the session.

When: 24th November, 2018, 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Call on: 9490708947 or contact us here.
Fee: Rs.500/-

Facilitator: Meenakshi Moorjani, is a Certified Clinical Psychologist, practicing at PFP, with deep interest in the experiences of motherhood from a psychological well-being perspective, mental health issues among children and adult having anxiety & academic and personality issues.

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