Our Fees

For Clients in India

Individual appointments range between Rs500-Rs 2000/- per hour depending on the therapist you would like to see. (A session is 1 hour 15 minutes long).

Couples and Family Counseling sessions are Rs 2000-3500/-per two hours.

Group Therapy sessions are Rs.500 per session (two hours)

Skype and Telephonic sessions are typically only for individual appointments and the charges are the same as above.

For Clients Overseas

Appointments will be made for skype or telephonic sessions. The charges for the same are USD $60/- Per session

Counseling Procedure

What to expect before your first in-person or face-to-face appointment

After you make an appointment to see the clinician, our intake worker/co-therapist will call you. This is a first contact with the therapist. The intake worker/co-therapist will complete a first telephone intake with you to get a birds-eye view of what is going on. This will also be an opportunity to see if you connect with your intake worker/co-therapist and also an opportunity for us to be open and prepared for you.

Your appointment will be with an assigned counselor & the Co-therapist who completed your intake.

Your first as well as subsequent sessions will be co-therapy sessions. We believe that two minds are better than one at helping our clients work with what is going on.

If you wish to only see one of us (without the co-therapist) please let us know.

Make an appointment now: Call 9490708947.

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