Internship Program

Pause for Perspective offers current and cutting edge training for interns that helps them delve into the sacred science of psychotherapy. We prepare our interns to be learners and beginning therapists in the field. Our interns are trained to be nuanced in diagnostics as well as therapeutic techniques. We invite Trainees and Interns who are undergoing Masters in Psychology (with a Counseling or Clinical Specialization) to apply for the internship program with us. Our internship programs last for one month or three months long.

We offer training programs for Masters students who have a compulsory internship component. The training program in counseling skills, combines essential theoretical concepts with intensive practical training. This program is divided into two levels, level one to be held in the summer (April-May) will be purely focused on skills training upon successful completion will also be a gateway to the practicum component in the fall (Nov-Jan). Those who get through level one, can opt for the practicum in fall.

Level 1

The aim of the level 1 training is to prepare the individual for what real-world work as a clinical looks like. This program is the essential bridge between learning theories in classroom settings to APPLYING this theory to real world issues that clients come with in an urban setting such as Hyderabad. The aim of the level 1 is to ensure that you are fully prepared for internship and are completely supported to learn and grow optimally when you begin level 2. Training is focussed on basic skills of counseling, learning to conceptualised based on evidence-based modalities like CBT, DBT, ACT. Sensitivity to personality theories, development and attachment models is reiterated. Suicide risk assessment, diagnostic manuals and ethics will also be taught. We will have regular role-plays to ensure consistent skills training. The program will entail submission of reflection papers and assignments.

Level 2

Upon successful completion Level 1 you can apply for the level 2 Practicum component. This is where you will get an opportunity to sit as a co-therapist on actual sessions and based on readiness will also be assigned clients of your own. You will be supervised weekly to ensure you are able to incorporate all the learning from level 1 into the level 2 component.

Dates and Timings-

Level 1- April-May

Timings: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Four days a week

Level 2: Nov-Jan

Three days a week

Venue- At Pause for Perspective


Level 1: 10,000/- (Exclusive of GST)

Level 2: 10,000/- (Exclusive of GST)

Who can Apply:

Recent masters graduates of psychology or current students in MA or MSC clinical or counseling psychology who wish to enhance their skills and obtain practical training can apply. The program has been designed to meet the gap between a masters course in psychology and what awaits new counselors in the field. People currently in another field of work in the mental health space who want to bring in counseling skills to there existing repertoire will also benefit from the program.

Information Session:

There is a free information session regarding the internship on 27th March 2019 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the internship, how you will benefit and if you are eligible to apply. To attend this session please send a confirmation of attendance on 9490708947 by March 25th Monday 2019. Confirmation to be present is mandatory. Seats for the level 1 internship is limited to 10 students.

PLEASE NOTE: You can apply for Level 1 and Level 2 separately. Eg: If you are interested in level 2,  upon your interview for the same, if you qualify, you will be registered into Level 2. Fee for a stand alone Level 1 or 2 is Rs. 15,000/- 


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