Safe spaces and Quiet Reading Nooks

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Safe Spaces and Quiet Reading Nooks

Join Aarathi once a month to read picture books and have conversations about life, love and madness.

Aarathi says, 

“As a psychotherapist conversations about life, love and madness is an every day thing. I sit with people and wonder why we don’t have enough of it in our hearts and souls, we wonder about the world that’s here and how we’d like one that fills us with better things and people.” 

Safe spaces and Quiet Reading Nooks is an opportunity to come together as people to embrace what feels odd, crazy, joyous, different and at the same time warm, gentle and fun within us. This is an opportunity to unpack what may be difficult while also holding ideas and experiences inside of us with a certain kind of ease; books can do that for us. 

Who can join: 

  • If you love books and/ or are curious about books, especially picture books, they take no longer than 20 minutes to read, have brilliant art and poetry and may may hold space for a younger version of you. 
  • It helps if you are in therapy or doing work on yourself that can support any unpacking that may happen in this group
  • The group is ideal if you are here to reflect and go within and also meet other people who may want to do the same but also more importantly listen to one another also. 
  • If the description seems too abstract but oddly fun, this group is for you!

Group size: 6-8 people of all ages 

Time: 5-6:30pm every third Friday of the month 

Venue: in-person, Pause for Perspective 

Cost: Rs. 300/-

To Register: call or whatsapp on 8106864001 or DM us on our insta page @pauseforperspective

This November aarathi will hold space for picture books and conversations that take on the flavour of ‘Belongingness’ as a theme. 

We’ll share every week atleast one book and questions for you to reflect on as a teaser to come to our safe spaces! Take a look at our Instagram page for the monthly themes and book talks @pauseforperspective 

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