Group Therapy for Parents of adolescents

This group is for:

  • Parents of teen who want to better understand their teen
  • Parents whose teen may be experiencing a mental health crisis
  • Parents who need a space to explore their lives and where they are at not just with parenting but also as adults with rich and complex lives.



Group therapy with other parents of teens is a therapeutic approach to working with the intrapersonal familial issue. The purpose of the sessions will be to create a confidential, safe, empathetic and open space where participants can express and explore themselves, learn from and support one another, engage in insightful discussions and together work towards interpersonal healing and positive growth. Our team will help facilitate this healing process through various therapeutic techniques.

Please note that we will be conducting a brief telephonic intake with each interested participant in order to understand where you stand, what concerns you will be coming in with and what you will require in the sessions. We also request that you come in with an open mind and a commitment to try and be compassionate and present for not just your journey towards healing but also towards the journey of the other participants. If your teenager is in individual therapy it is highly recommended that you as a parent partake in group therapy.

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