Psychological Counseling Skills Training Program

The aim of the level 1 training is to prepare the individual for what real-world work as a clinical looks like. This program is the essential bridge between learning theories in classroom settings to APPLYING this theory to real world issues that clients come with in an urban setting such as Hyderabad.

Who can participate in this program:

  • Post Graduate (MA, MSc, PGDiploma) students who have completed Clinical or Counseling Psychology programs but feel underconfident in their skills and want to refine their skills, ability to case conceptualise and build ethical skillset that will ready them for real-world work.
  • Graduates of Bachelors in Psychology who wish to see if counselling or clinical psychology is the right career choice for them
  • This program is ideal for People currently in another field of work in the mental health space who want to bring in counseling skills to their existing repertoire will also benefit from the program.

At the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Effectively use counselling skills and direct it based on both client’s needs and different modalities of psychotherapy
  • Use different modalities of therapy such as ACT, DBT, and Narrative Therapy
  • Enter the workforce and continue to be successful under supervision of experts in the field
  • Do clinical intakes, ethical note taking, working with suicide risk assessment and crisis intervention

What is taught:

  • Training is focussed on basic skills of counseling,
  • learning to conceptualise based on evidence-based modalities like CBT, DBT, ACT.
  • Sensitivity to personality theories, development and attachment models is reiterated.
  • Suicide risk assessment, diagnostic manuals and ethics will be taught.
  • Regular role-plays to ensure consistent skills training.

The program will entail submission of reflection papers and assignments.

Dates and Timings-

Dates: 9th April-30th May (confirmed) and June-July (tentative)

Timings: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Four days a week (Tue,wed,thur,fri)


Venue- At Pause for Perspective

Fees:  15,000/- (Exclusive of GST)

Who can apply:

Eligibility: ONLY students with a BA or MA in psychology (clinical or counselling) can apply.



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