Ruchika Jadhav: This program has given me a lot:

  • I have become very compassionate towards myself, which led to compassion towards my clients in school and my family members.
  • Just being accepting of my life made things a little lighter, in the sense that, it become easier to deal with especially with the diploma course. Without compassion and acceptance, I wouldn’t be able to cope with everything.
  • During sessions, breathing served as an anchor to bring me back to the present, to be with the client, to accept the client.
  • I also learned a lot about my body, and i.e. how my body reacts to certain situations or to certain information from my clients and also I learned that my body has answers or solutions to most of my problems.
  • Just a simple act of turning towards the pain, or any worry that I am experiencing, helps me to cope with it effectively.
  • I found it very helpful to acknowledge, a thought, or a feeling as just a thought and just a feeling and not then entire truth. I’ve trying to teach the same to all my clients.
  • Working with cancer children is hard, but concepts such as impermanence and acceptance make it easier for me to deal with.
  • I love retreats as they help me connect with myself.

Samyukta Rao: As a therapist, mindfulness has given me a lot of insight in to how different mental illnesses come up at the first place. One of the main reasons I have learnt is – Resistance – Resistance to our uncomfortable states of being. We tend to push away but get entangled in it even more! We need to let our experiences just be and give it the time it needs to process its way out. It might be extremely difficult when the pain peals, but we need to just notice it from a non-judgmental, objective and compassionate view. Mostly what I’ve learned and need revolves around this concept.

When I am gaining knowledge about all of this , this is just my beginning and I need to practice and experiment different ways of catering this information to the client in the most effective and creative and beneficial manner.

Mindfulness would now act as a really great and perhaps one of the biggest / most useful tools in my tool box in therapy .I feel empowered!

Personally, the classes and the reading material have helped me gain greater insights into how things should ideally work and I am working my way through to set there. While I still beat myself up when I get no positive reinforcements for a long time, I have come a long way in being self- compassionate. I now know,  I am my greatest support and no one can help / understand me better than I can.

I take refuge in the present moment!

Thank you!

Meher  Nadina: MBP has very well helped me to break a problem into small chunks and look at it. I love the textbooks of MBP. They taught me a lot of things and help me grow as a therapist as well as an individual. I now know how to separate pain from suffering and look towards it. And that works magically well. If I were ever resistant towards a client, I learnt to be curious and see where that resistance is coming from.

This program increased my patience, understanding, empathy, and I’m a lot more comfortable in my own skin now. I got a better idea of how to take sessions with anxiety, depressed, trauma, pain, addiction clients and with children.

I’m now experiencing the beauty of being mindful and I’m in a place where I can teach my clients to be mindful.

Teaching of Buddha given in the text books are my insightful and made me give a lot of thought to it. I’m sure I’ll refer to those beautiful lines again whenever I’m struck in life.

Pooja Agarwal: The -8-week program has helped me understand the concerns of the client better. am able  to be more accepting of what the clients come up with .It has especially helped me be more present in therapy. In a session, am able to be conscious about when my mind wanders and have I can come back to being with the client. I think doing the practice more regularly this time helped me in my internships, especially when I feel very overwhelmed or stressed. In the retreat, I was able to give myself the ability to be completely present with my current experience and I am trying to do that more often now. Especially when I find myself faced with overwhelming emotions & thoughts as a result of seeing clients or at MNJ, I often tend to avoid these emotions. However, I am now trying to come back and stay with them so that I can really process them… Through the 8 weeks, I have also learnt a lot and I have picked up a lot of skills and practices that I can use with clients. I feel like I have begun to fill my tool box as a counselor. Most importantly, I think I have been able to adopt a more open attitude. Or I consciously try to do so regarding my experience and the client’s experience I have gained a lot of insight and understanding about  hour we make sense of our experiences, but  I do feel that I need to keep working on applying this understanding and insight into my personal life and also my work.

It’s been very insightful and at times even frustrating, but I felt like came at the right time. I would probably feel lost with internship if I didn’t have mindfulness to support it. Lastly , I think these 8 weeks made me curious and even excited about mindfulness at times, which I hadn’t really expected after the first 8 weeks. I do want to continue exploring this and apply it to my life more consistently. I have always been a curious persons, but after this course , I have learnt to be more curious about myself and my experience which has led me to often have moments of insight that I relish in !

Archana: In the last five weeks of the mindfulness based psychotherapy program I have given myself compassion and kindness and love in ways that nothing else, event or person can. I have allowed myself to experience depths of my perception, spaces that opened up a whale new world and the awareness that this world excited even before I noticed it and will continue to the program started with ‘me’-nay, a ‘sense of me ‘ and on this day I start to notice that  I gave myself the gift of being . ‘Me’ without boundaries or perceptions. In the process, I lost the sense of ‘Me’. Yet, I invited myself to walk into space beyond my perceptions.  A Space awareness devoid of sense. In this space, which we all are, we’re all the same, under a different name.

Ambica Gupta: It’s been a wonderful journey (from 1st may -6th June).I believe strongly in cosmic connection , and expressed a strong pull towards learning more about acceptance , self , unconditional positive regard , non-judgmental , attitude , intention as a way of being . In my conversation with ‘The Dalai Lama’ I felt a strong connect with him and his preaching leading to doing this course. I din know what I preached all this while, was MINDFULLNESS.

In terms of self I her become aware of my body sensations which I wasn’t earlier showing compassion to myself. The practices have depended my experience of sense of self. Awareness of the impact or myself .Being in the present moment –to moment feels so much more alive. It’s a beautiful experience also because of having Aarathi Selvan who was committed, open, and pure.

In terms of a therapist it’s been a huge releasing about the mental illness which has depend my knowledge about the subject .and this approach of intervention based on mindfulness with patients seems very positive based on my personal experience.

Saakshi Agarwal: The last five weeks have been a combination of clarity and confusion for me. In this time , I gave myself the liberty to just be myself and accept both good and bad parts of myself .I gave myself a chance to feel all the feelings without a filter. This in turn led to a lot of clarity about the kind of person that I am and the kind of person I want to be.

These weeks have further decreased my tolerance for superficial people and their conversations. These things made we more irritable .But we accepting them have made it easier for me to embrace my good side as well.

I learnt to accept myself to an extent on at least be okay with who I am and not try to be perfect. I don’t know if this has created a positive or a negative impact on my relationships.

I let myself become more opinionated about myself but all these negative traits of myself and leaving to be okay with them have target we empathy. I don’t judge my clients and can see an improvement but I am still wondering about my private life.

Experiencing all these emotions and handling them have been difficult but it is better than pretending that they don’t exist .I gave myself a chance to be imperfect and this made we realize that . I have a lot of works to do on myself. But I am okay with it.

I also gave myself a chance to be more open minded about things that I don’t understand or agree with and that helped with the learning.

I gave myself a chance to be more action oriented to get up and try and work rather than worry about the results.

Chada  Dhanashree  Reddy :

  • The science behind mindfulness and meditation (which strengthened my beliefs and gave one the motivation to practice more)
  • Skills to not only help myself , but others around me (clients)
  • Rich philosophy that gave me a wise perspective towards life
  • ‘WAIT’- Why am I talking?-this made my mind shift towards “Productive” actions and speech.
  • Working with this group, the connections and understandings I made through this are special.
  • Through the trip, I realized that we do not need the words to connect to people, but just an open stance helps you connect with the people and nature around.
  • More than the last time, I was able to practice compassion more this time; this gave me the strength and wisdom to forgive.
  • Awareness of the concept of ‘Arrowing’ helped me to consciously control worry.
  • Feel more empowered as a person and developed a wanting to empower others around me. The were are choosing suffering and that it is not inevitable.
  • Through the exercises, I realized painful events can give a lot of strength to an individual if tailed well.
  • Emotions like anger, insecurities, and sad memories are now my strengths because I choose to do so! To view them and use them in the right way. These are my motivators to move forward in life.


Shazia Ahmad: I signed up for this course as another opportunity to add one more qualification of sorts in my journey to becoming a counselor. I came to the course to learn to utilize/teach. Practice was an observation in how to teach .Every objective that held me in a safe space, not really engaging with my real self was let go off after I began investing in my home practice. Since that was a space and time just for myself. I let myself be and focused inwards. These sessions, and home practice allowed me to open parts I fear and keep shut last they overwhelm me.

At the retreat, I let myself get overwhelmed, that too in front of people. I even let myself get lost and discover and accept where my limitations lie. Farther than I had expected. The retreat left me feelings so raw, but I didn’t want to close up again.

And finally love and kindness. I am so grateful to you, Aarathi Ma’am, that our talk and loving kindness came so close to each other. I would have been adrift without it. It is the best gift; these 8 weeks have given me. I haven’t been this peaceful, (in waves, of course) in some time. Knowing that I have this whenever I may need it, is support that I didn’t even realize I needed.

Thank you for it all.


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