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Participant from the Second Batch of MBSM held in 2015.

I didn’t now/realize that I was walking through hell before taking to mindfulness .I realized that (During last 8 weeks) I am being deeply injured – emotionally and sometimes physiologically – during those panic (anxiety attacks that I often face and since I did do not use to see myself as injured ,I would expect  myself to do everything as I world do normally –as efficient as I generally do- which I obviously couldn’t do and which would only magnify my misery . I learned to take care of myself without being guilty about it. At the same time, I have started to give my commitments from work their due share .

I learned to notice ‘thoughts ‘ as just thoughts and necessarily the reality .And this has a huge liberating import on me – thought that would suffocate me earlier ,would only cause me a bit of discomfort now – and with continued practice – I hope to get even more control over them.

I could see the connection between emotionally stales and physical symptom in my body the way stress would manifest as stiffness and pain in my upper back , anxiety and fear as a burden in my heart. I became more wise at identifying and managing my emotions.- Ravi.

Participant from the Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy Program reviewing her experience of the first 8 weeks of MBSM:

Mindfulness as a whole has made me a rather culminated, Integrated, enhanced, intensified, heightened my ways of living. I enjoy the fact that I’m able to basically pick in the good things that it has to offer to rectify, cool, understand situations. I believe that I’m more aware and alert about the awkward situations I go through and the fact that I know what’s going on makes me want to stop what I’m doing and just give time to myself.

I’ve started to give more importance to my thoughts, feelings emotions, sensations, needs, craving, and also respect my boundaries. I initially need to let things take their toll on me. But now I just believe that I’m able to concentrate and value myself better.

8 weeks of mindfulness has really over whelmed every inch of my body, mind, and soul. I’ve started to pack each and every trashy item in my life to such an extent that I’m throw/ detach myself away from people/ places and things in a better manner. Just like throwing our trash away every morning. I’m at tissues ‘Mindfully Mindless’ or  ‘Mindlessly Mindful’ – Aishwarya

This is the feedback from a student pursuing her IAS coaching at an institute where the  8 week MBSM program was conducted:

Thank You Aarathi  Ma’am . This 8 weeks mindfulness class was really fantastic. By using this I can solve any of my problems easily. It is very helpful for everyone and mostly in my life. I am able to control my anger and to keep my body in calm position. In future also I can get anything what I want in my life with practicing mindfulness.

Ma’am you are the only one who asked our problems and understood. You have given solutions also to our problems. We are very thankful to you ma’am for listening our problems and bearing these 8 week with mindfulness classes.

A Phd Scholar who completed the MBSM program in January 2016

Having spent 4 years of my phd in Dundee with a lot of stress and often little peace my idea in wanting to do the MBSM program was to prepare myself better for what is to come while, also looking at my tune Dundee in a different light.

I’ve found that throughout the last four years, I’ve only improved in the way that I deal with stressful situations and with people in general. I find I have learnt to get off trains before  i actually board them, think before I react to preserved ‘ threats’ and not make decisions with a crowded mind . While this thing happened slowly and organizally, I haven’t really paid attention to the cues that ash we to take a step back each time I needed to. I find the MBSM programme has made me for more aware of what it is I am triggered by and how to keep my calm in such situations. I find myself consciously observing my ‘ Judgments’, often unnecessary /useless and quickly jumping off the trains  that they’re products of I find I am more patient, compassionate , aware, and less of a ‘wall’ in general  coming back to my breath each time I’m overwhelmed in possibly the best gift I’ve ever received  it is amazing to be able to separate effects on body , emotions, sensations and thoughts and use the awareness of what happens to all of these in the presence  of a stimulus , better yet, it is amazing to be able to use the first cues that appear is the body and prevent the thoughts /rather deal with associated thoughts more effectively through this awareness .  Nithya


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