For your Reading Pleasure this Week
Last year I wrote over a hundred posts most of which disappeared into ether while I was rebuilding and redesigning Read more.

Guest Post: Using Music to Live Intentionally
Rowen Bridler is a singer and songwriter. She has some of the amazing offerings of which I am especially in Read more.

Guest Post: How to take pictures the contemplative way?
Kim Manley Ort is a contemplative photographer who loves her life. She gets great pleasure in seeing things differently and Read more.

Beginning Anew
“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly” -Richard Bach.   I lost everything. Read more.

Do Long Distance Relationships Work?
A friend of mine who moved to an adjacent town to be with his  lady love endearingly called his relationship a short Read more.

The Conerstones of a Healthy Marriage
So often we fall into the Bollywood notion of marriage that we fail to see that the “happily every after” Read more.

The Emotional Whirlwind of Infertility
Shraddha was in tears. She had got her period again. Unable to hold herself anymore she closed the lid of Read more.

What to do when you feel stuck?
Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we feel stuck. You want to move to a better paying job but Read more.

Money Matters in your Marriage
Scenario 1: Shilpa,  a 28year old fiercely independent woman works as a Chartered Accountant in a reputed MNC. Married last Read more.

Child Sexual Abuse: Prevention, Impact & Treatment
Clinical Psychologist during an intake: were you sexually abused? Me: Yes. Clinical Psychologist: Can you tell me about it? Me: Read more.

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