Experiments in Slowing Down – Pause to Observe Stillness
How does life feel on a daily basis? How does everyday life look like for you? And how you would Read more.

Experiments in Slowing Down- Calming the storm
It feels like I am making my way, fighting a strong storm, The forceful wind making it hard to take Read more.

Experiments in slowing down – Anchoring to your wholeness.
In a world that we live in today, slowing down is not a skill that many can wear comfortably. Ironically Read more.

Practice, Practice – Mindfulness for Mothers
When you are able to own up to your responsibilities, while at the same time take care of yourself- body, Read more.

Leave your work at work and your home at home – Mindfulness for mothers
If you have a kid (especially a toddler) you can appreciate how leaving work at work is something that comes Read more.

Mindfulness for Mothers: Feel those feelings
Be honest with how you feel. The gift of motherhood is also a gift of awareness. With becoming a mother, Read more.

Establish a routine that becomes second nature – Mindfulness for working mothers
Now, you can’t really structure your days in anticipation of how it might look when you go back to work. Read more.

Mindfulness for working mothers – How to accept and recover from the emotional turmoil
Make a decision and know that it is yours If you haven’t already gone back to work, but are at Read more.

Mindfulness for Working Mothers – Simple practices for a worry-free life at work and home.
Are you  thinking about going back to work after having a baby? Do you feel torn about going back to Read more.

You are Enough
This trying to be someone else, someone better is an exhausting journey, an impossible one even. If you are not Read more.

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