“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly”

-Richard Bach.  


I lost everything. What I mean is, I lost all the data that made www.aarathiselvan.com what it was. There was 6 years of blogging in there.

I had began to write one cold evening in New York City in 2008 when I felt like I had just found my voice, my writing voice, my identity. It was empowering as hell. I began to feel like I had finally become aware of my life. It was an awakening of sorts. I was writing mainly for myself, and then a small audience of friends and bloggers from around the world.

What was a gentle awakening in 2008, became a vibrating, pulsating calling in 2014. I bought my own domain name and launched my website. Empowering as hell. It was a time when I had felt like I stepped into my own skin, voiced my calling and owned it. I found some amazing treasures in 2014. Some of which were:

  1. The decision to take it slow. Follow the rhythms of my life, of my little children’s life and work gently back into my career. While I yearn for balance and still struggle with finding time for relationships, treasured ones, outside of my tiny little family, practicing the intention to pay attention to the rhythms of my life pays multi-fold.
  2. com became a hub for mindfulness and its practices for mothers. I lead Ecourses, wrote two Ebooks.
  3. I painted with deep love and passion. I sold a few paintings and began the practice of creative journaling in a way I have never before.
  4. I led my first and then several other workshops on Mindfulness and Creative Journaling in Hyderabad. The delight and honor to work with some amazing women still sends chills to my spine. Kindred spirits are everywhere.
  5. There is no joy greater than tickling your little babies and delighting in the pleasure of their sweet giggles. The evenings of sound laughter, of deep screaming, of warm embrace, may they continue into 2015.
  6. A mother of young babies really doesn’t have time, you know. Life is absorbed in the magic and pain of growing alongside my little ones. I yearn for time with my sister, my friend who I still have to write back to, for conversations with my husband and beautification at the beauty salon. But I trust everything has its place in the world. Some things we must let go of albeit for a little while and come back to them with new perspective and appreciation.

I may have had over 300 blogposts up on aarathiselvan.com, from the years of blogging I have been doing. I had a backup of it all but apparently the backup had some files missing and couldn’t load in a way that would bring back all my 300 blogposts up.

What I really lost however, was all the writing that I did in 2014. The ones from before are safely lodged in another digital space. About the posts from 2014, I have most of them on my hard drive, written first on word and then posted on my blog. So not much is lost. Some of it is. What I lost really was a way of thinking. A load I was carrying from the past that I couldn’t seem to let go of.

Aarathiselvan.com needed a new direction. I wanted to really step into my soul’s work here. Every since I began to identify a calling long when I was 16years, I knew that what I brought into the world was a way of helping people understand and touch a higher perspective, a better way of thinking and being that would help them experience relief, wellbeing and peace.  Well, I didn’t really know this, but in retrospect, I am able to put voice to that young girl’s fire in the belly.

So now this space, is the space to do that. Pause for Perspective is an introspective seekers guide to living intentionally, with love, compassion and mindfulness, with a desire to come back to this core, again and again.

In 2015, the new direction that this space will take is this:

  1. Pause for Perspective is the space for exploring intentional living, in a way that feels calm , soothing and rejuvenating. Life needs to feel gentle and we will explore ways to do that. There will be audio’s, videos, ebooks and ecourses for introspective seekers who desire to live intentionally.
  2. com will now house my local business information. I see clients online and in person and lead workshops on mindfulness and creative journaling- aarathiselvan.com will be the home for this information.
  3. In 2014 I had invited several guests to contribute articles on mindfulness and contemplative art. I will slowly work my way towards reposting these articles. They will be our guide to pause and gather perspective towards living intentionally in our daily lives. I will  also work my way to posting my articles that are now lost in the ether but safely housed in my hard disk.
  4. There will be new posts on intentional living and a whole world of things I am slowing going to explore over at Pause for perspective.
  5. My Facebook Page will now be Pause for Perspective instead of Between Life’s Doings.
  6. My email subscribers will now get a chance to register again with Pause for perspective as I phase out the old list. In subscribing you will be automatically enrolled for a 6 lesson Ecourse called Calm in Every Step. To know more go here. You will also be the first to know about new products, receive special invitations and bonuses through the time that we journey together.
  7. If you would like updates from aarathiselvan.com which is my local business website you will need to register here. In doing so you will be automatically enrolled for a 7 lesson ecourse called Mindfulness for Overcoming Difficult Emotions. Check it out here.

New beginnings are not easy. But they can be so clarifying, so refreshing and full of hope. Here’s to a new 2015 for us all. May we delight in the small moments of magic and accept the big moments of pain as part of the beautiful symphony that is life.

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