Aarathi Selvan, Founder

Aarathi Selvan

I am called to create spaces where introspective seeker’s can pause, breathe and gather perspective-a higher, deeper understanding of their lives as mothers, fathers, friends, spouses, workers, entrepreneurs and more.

The introspective seeker’s who are called to my work are those who understand that there is a deeper sense of knowing within, that can be tapped, given the space and perspective. They are seekers who love to sit and look within to understand the world within and without. They are women and men who yearn to live a life of meaning, purpose, freedom and gentle perseverance.

We live in a world where there is so much chaos and noise, to listen in has become, unfortunately, arbitrary. And yet, it is from listening within that we can live in resonance with the life given to us. It is from listening in that we can live intentionally, in alignment with our desires for ourselves and those we love.

As Seen In

As Seen In

Pause for Perspective is my calling. All my life I have had a small voice within tell me to slow down, just a little, in order to find myself.

An introvert at heart, I was naturally given to introspection as a young girl. Yet, growing up amidst the natural chaos of the world, I had very porous boundaries, not knowing where I ended and another began. The calling to slow down, to pause and look within took me to therapy during my Masters in Counseling at Coulmbia University, NY. I began to uncover myself here.

They say that they introspective seeker’s heart is wide open to learning. My yearning to understand myself and the world led to understand spiritual modalities of psychotherapy at the Association of Spirituality and Psychotherapy, NY. My training in Trauma and Art therapies catapulted me into working with introspective seeker’s through the practices of Mindfulness and Contemplative Arts. I was taught to meditate and do yoga as a young girl of 12, later at 23 I trained to teach Yoga.

Today, I live my practices. I am a licensed psychotherapist (in the US and India). I have additional training in Mindfulness, EMDR, ACT, DBT, Intuitive Eating, CBT and IPT.  I create digital products, see clients in therapy and lead workshops on mindfulness and intentional living.

An intentional life is a practice based life. A life that one day feels dull and one day, full of energy, and intentional nonetheless because of the natural pull to come back to checking in with myself. The desire to live intentionally is driven by the yearning to live consciously, compassionately, with mindfulness and love.

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