Dr. Swetha Turlapati (She/Her)

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Therapist-Individual and Couples, Program Lead Community Outreach, Podcaster and Youtuber


  • Masters in Applied Psychology, Post- Graduation Diploma in Mental Health, Diploma in Clinical counseling, Pharm.D (Doctor of Pharmacy)
  • Counseling Psychologist at Pause for perspective
  • Has been in the field past 6 years.
  • Has taken workshops for various modalities like REBT, Transactional Analysis, Mindfulness, MBTI, Alternative therapies.
  • Incorporates various approaches like client-centered approach, CBT, Transactional analysis, Acceptance and commitment therapy, Mindfulness and solution focused therapy.
  • Has worked with clients with Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Sexual Abuse, Relationship issues, marital issues, self-esteem.
  • Has conducted workshops for a variety of populations including organisations, Geriatric, women’s group, and colleges in spreading mental health awareness and extending skills in group engagement.
  • Worked with Mallareddy hospitals as Patient counselor and dealing with acute and chronic illness patients across various departments.
  • Swetha is the lead on our vlog on A little more closer and our telugu podcast on Mental Health called Avaghana

Developing a connection to the inner world of the client that extends to the mind, body and soul has always brought a sense of calmness in my practice. My constant willingness to learn and grow and being able to perceive emotions and depth has helped me become more empathetic and genuine. I believe connection to oneself leads to being one’s authentic, higher self.

"The world 'within' us is our compass and letting it take the comfort drives the true self"

Swetha Turlapti

Watch an Interview with Swetha on Anxiety

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