Akshata Chonkar is a Psychologist and Researcher at Pause for Perspective. Her expertise is in working with children, young adults, families and LGBTQ+ clients. She was a former Fellow at Pause for Perspective. She has extensive knowledge in trauma sensitive practices and is mindfulness informed as well as Narrative practices centred in her approach. She also teachers and delivers workshops at Pause for Perspective. 

  • BA in Psychology (triple major with Communications and English Literature) from  Christ University, Bangalore
  • MSc in Mental Health Studies with a specialisation in Children  and Young People, from the University of Edinburgh, UK.
  • Trained in Narrative Practices with Narrative Practices India
  • Trained in Integrative Mindfulness Based Practices Training Program with Pause for Perspective
  • Trained in Mindfulness Based Symptom Management, Pause for Perspective
  • Trained in Short Terms Skills Training program, Pause for Perspective 
  • Trained in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Early Trauma and their impact on children’s  mental health, from the British Home Office and University College London.
  • Trained in Community Resilience Model Training (CRM) from the Trauma Resources Institute,  USA.
  • Attended a conference on Delivering Community Mental Healthcare during COVID-19, hosted  by EUCOMS, Europe.
  • Allied Health Professionals skills training in Youth Mental Health.
  • Trained in Psychological First Aid.
  • She is keenly interested in the protection and wellbeing of unaccompanied and refugee children,  having completed her Masters’ thesis on Community-based Resilience and Wellbeing among  young Refugees around the world.
  • She has worked and volunteered as a teaching assistant, mentor and mental health support worker  in government schools for marginalised communities across Telangana, Karnataka and  Maharashtra.
  • She is trained in various forms of data analyses and tools, such as SPSS, SAS and R, with an  interest in pursuing quantitative psychological research in underserved and under-resourced  communities in India.
  • She is trained and interested in furthering her career in trauma and community-based resilience  studies among at-risk children and youth, focusing on research and as well as evidence-based  interventions in India. 

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